The Way I View Happiness | Seattle Eastside Child Photographer


These days happiness often comes in an adorable, little, four year old package. This is the baby of our family, and she is just this happy, little girl. She even wakes up smiling. She sings, dances and cartwheels her way through her days. She loves to explore the outdoors. She loves to listen to music. She loves to snuggle Mama. She has just about the best sense of comic timing of any four year old I’ve ever met. She has brought more laughter and joy into our family than we ever could have anticipated. And since, to me, family is what happiness is all about . . . this is the way I view happiness. <3


Once again, this is another post in a monthly blog circle with some amazing photographers, from CMpro. Please click to the next blog in our circle, and just wait until you see the incredibly talented Emma Wood and her take on happiness.


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