Just Born | Edmonds, Kirkland and Eastside Newborn Photographer


Those eyes, that hair, what a beautiful baby girl! Usually I’m a sucker for a sleeping newborn in photos, but this little one had this “old soul” stare that was just mesmerizing!

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And Baby Makes Three | Eastside Kirkland Family Photographer


What a beautiful family! They were so sweet with their adorable, 2-month old baby boy. The weather was lovely, and I really enjoyed meeting them. On the day we met, their little guy was sticking out his tongue every time he smiled. They said he had just started doing that and have since informed me…

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The Way I View New Beginnings | Kirkland Portrait Photographer


Welcome back to my blog. It has been way too long since I updated it. For 2012, I have teamed up with a group of fabulous¬†CMPros to share with you and with each other how we view things. Each month this year we will take pictures that speak to the month’s theme and then post…

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